Birds Of A Feather

I saw a skein of geese fly above me today,

As they passed overhead, they cackled and quacked,

Flying in their formative ‘V’ shape , they each flew adjacent to their feathered fowl friend, resisting the force of the wind,fotolia_9120065_XS

Where were they going? All in such a large group together…


Ripples in the water…

Things happen for a reason. Are we to question why? It is human nature to ask “Why?” “Why me?” “Why is this happening to me?”.

Every once in awhile, you should step back, breathe in a calming breath and look at all the ripples in the pond. The ripples brought about by an event, a change, a breath of a moment that holds consequences for a lifetime.

See the first innermost ring, so intense as if it is mounting up to breach a high fortress. You can tell that this ripple will deeply affect someone. A bone shattering feeling to your core. The next ring heading outward, not so intense as the inner ring but perhaps, just as devastating. The rings slowly dwindle to mere lines in the further outreaches of the ripples. You must decide to turn the ripple into a positive or a negative….Whether the ripples are of a positive magnitude depends on how it is perceived. You can look at what has been drifted your way on the ripples and assess what has been left in the wake…

The first affected within the ripples, feel, hurt, change or grow immensely. They have to deal harder with what has come their way in the ebb & flow of things. They accept the fact or are taken under with the change. And as the ripple travels further to the outer reaches of the ripple, you can safely accept the change, keeping your head above the water or you can just drift away. But know you do not leave unscathed. Even to the further reaches, the ripple still washes over you, effecting a change.

Sometimes, when the ripple begins, its true reason is not possibly taking those in the inner rings under, rocking their world or bringing about change. Perhaps, it is to cause an effect so wide, that others may learn, change and grow from what effects the ripples had in the initial ring. All in all, you could be the one affected or you can grow from the effects washed over others.

How will you let the ripples wash over you?

How will you grow? ripplewater

Sat Still

So, I sat still, let all move on around me. I lost an evening, a glorious morning, another day that turned into an evening and I sat and just watched my life slip away. Not mine alone, my child, and another and another and another still. We sat, still, no movement from our bodies as time ticked and marched by, in perfect rhythm to an unheard song. The song that lent the eery sounds of goodbye to all our days. The smooth melody that cried over the nothingness that had become me. I wanted out. I truly did. I even begged for help and sobbed. No one heard or saw or even came as the crows circled and cawed. My last hurrah, I wanted more than anything was for my four dears to know, that I tried to make it work but I didn’t function right, it showed. I wanted it to all be grand, to be a simple wonderful life and just for us to be. But somewhere inside, the cords were cut and I couldn’t make it quite right you see….


something drastic

I have had a feeling for quite some time that I need to get motivated, move, change….possibly do something drastic. I have become the worse form of a human being. So stale and stagnant, a member of the crowd, watching but never doing. Looking but never seeing. A tiny little pathetic & meager form, balancing on the precipice between nothing and an even greater void of solid nothing. Still air, heavy in the space around you, holding you down, weighting your small and tender form in this big blank void of nothing. I need to move. I need to stretch and yawn. I need to reach up, extend my arms and strive for change. Just one step, one choice, one decision. To make a difference….11061688_10152779501048581_3515747311227314466_n

I wonder….

Just for one moment, a brief interlude of time, I wonder…

Has anyone thought of me today and not in a nasty way. A thought that crinkled their eyes, brought forth a slight curve to their lips, perhaps  produced a small chuckle, a small barely audible sigh. Did the image it inspired bring warmth to their heart & made them wish me well today. Did they speak a silent prayer for my good fortune & well being? I wonder…